Frequently Asked Questions

All our sauces have been pasteurized to maximize freshness and maintain its natural taste even after opening

We will be introducing many ranges of Asian plant based sauces in the future but our first launch is focused on Thai cuisine. More of your favorite Asian dishes in other countries will follow

Each country’s consumers have different opinions on which are their favorites so we based our initial product range on 4 of the top 10 Thai dishes in Europe, the United States, and Asia (Source: euro monitor). Khao Soi, one of our featured variants, has recently been voted as the best soup of 2022 (globally) by Tasteatlas and we are proud to present our plant based version

We have understood from many plant based consumers that their choice to stay on a strict Plant-based diet often comes with blander or less authentic versions of their favorite dishes. We at Ko Tae Xin believe that delicious taste should never be sacrificed and have developed our sauces with a signature “broth” that mirrors the flavors of animal based ingredients that are essential to bringing out the authentic taste of each country’s dishes. Yes, you can have it all!

All of our ready-to-cook formats represent each country’s iconic dishes so these formats are all signature

Each bottle is designed to make 3-4 complete dishes. Each dish can be shared with the family in a multi-course meal or suitable for 1 person to enjoy

Most of our textural “toppings” are the key herbs or spices (i.e. fresh basil, garlic, chili) featured in each original dish in their natural form. Plant-based dried shrimp, the only plant-based version of an animal based ingredient is made out of peas

For the ready-to-cook formats i.e. Khao Soi soup base, Pad Krapow, Pad Thai, and Somtum Dressing please see the “cooking guide” page featured in this website

After opening the bottle for the first time, we recommend that every sauce be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 30 days. Because we use natural ingredients and several toppings (herbs and plant-based texture), the sauce will spoil after opening if it is not stored properly. If kept in the refrigerator and used as instructed, there will be no changes in the smell and taste of each sauce

Please see the “where to buy” page in this website or direct your purchase inquiry to: [email protected]